About TallPyne
Sometimes, knowing where you want to go is the easy part. But, how are you going to get there? We'll never tell you that you "can't get there from here". We'll help you find the way.
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Your guide through uncharted territory...
TallPyne offers Fortune 500 quality market research and consulting to small and mid-size companies on a very cost effective basis. It can assist you with the entire spectrum from intial concept development through the delivery of a large project -- like launching a new business.

TallPyne has affiliations and alliances with several partners that focus upon specialty areas within a specific research or industry topic. Each is an expert in their field with years of experience to contribute to your projects. They also bring with them an extended network of contacts that can be called upon when needed. Together they are a strong, well-rounded, flexible and cost efficient team -- your team. TallPyne can offer market research  and business consulting tailored to fit your needs without all the overhead associated with large market research firms.

TallPyne's goal is to become a trusted extension of your company and your long-term business partner - available and ready when you need us. Just let us know where you want to go. We'll help you get there -- wherever it is.
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